Bone Metastasis Of Breast Cancer: How Much Does Bisphosphonate Therapy Cost?

I.S. Krysanov

Bone metastasis of breast cancer: how much does bisphosphonate therapy cost?
The results of pharmacoeconomic evaluation of different bisphosphonates administration for the treatment of breast cancer patients with bone metastases are presented. Comparison was made by the cost-effectiveness analysis using Markov model. It is established that given the number of skeletal complications in patients with metastatic breast cancer, the overall cost of the single patient treatment by zoledronic acid administration amounted to 461 603 RUB., pamidronic acid - 561 333 RUB and ibandronic acid - 462 924 RUB. Recourse economy in the treatment of one bone metastasis by zoledronic acid instead pamidronic acid was 142 471.43, as compared with ibandronic acid (intravenous) - 26 420 RUB.

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