Diagnostics And Treatment Of Iron-deficient States In Obstetric And Gynecological Practice At Current Stage

A.L. Tikhomirov, S.I. Sarsania, E.V. Nochevkin

Diagnostics and treatment of iron-deficient states in obstetric and gynecological practice at current stage
Iron-deficient states and iron deficient anemia are the factors, which increase maternal mortality and negative influence on the child development. The article includes discussion of the issues, concerning the role of iron in the organism, iron metabolism, its disturbances during the pregnancy and its complications in woman and child. Article describes modern classification of iron deficient anemia and treatment tactics. It includes the description and dosing of Ferro-Folgamma, which is widely used in iron deficient anemia of different degrees in patients with genecology diseases and during pregnancy. Ferro-Folgamma provides increasing of hemoglobin, erythrocytes, and content of hemoglobin in erythrocytes, and characterizes by good tolerance.

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