Chronic Gastritis: Diagnostics And Treatment

E. P. Jakovenko. A.N. Ivanov, Y.V. Illarionova, N.A. Agafonova, A. V. Jakovenko, A.S. Prjanishnikova

Chronic gastritis: diagnostics and treatment
Chronic gastritis (CG) is one of the most prevalent diseases of gastrointestinal tract, which is asymptomatic in the large share of the patients. The main etiologic factor of CG is microorganism Helicobacter pylori, which persistence in gastric mucosa can cause the consequential development of chronic active inflammation, atrophy, metaplasia, metaplasi and in some cases – gastric cancer. Other forms of gastritis (autoimmune, chemical, lymphocytic and other) are rare. Treatment of CG includes the elimination of etiological factor, and if it is unknown, - on the main stages of pathogenesis and decreasing of disease symptoms. In in treatment of CG associated with Helicobacter pylori, it is preferably to use four component scheme. Therapy of other form comes down to symptoms decreasing.

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