Pharmacoeconomic Analysis Of Patients With The Management Of Arterial Hypertension With The Use Of Bisoprolol

A. Yu. Kulikov

Pharmacoeconomic analysis of patients with the management of arterial hypertension with the use of bisoprolol
The comparative pharmacoeconomic analysis of the treatment of arterial hypertension (AH) by medications bisoprolol (Bisogamma and Concor) based on study conducted by Shostak N. et al. (2008) showed that the Bisogamma administration is scientifically well-founded approach to the treatment of hypertension in middle age patients from an economic point of view. Compared with Concor, Bisogamma clinical benefits (efficiency, estimated by the number of cases achieving the target blood pressure) is accompanied by substantial economic benefits, which amounted to 22 984 rubles in the treatment of 100 patients within 60 days, including hospital and outpatient phases. Based on the these data, the transition from Concor on Bisogamma will allow further treat 2.5% of patients, that has great economic importance, given the high prevalence of hypertension in the population.

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