In Spite Of Criticism, Beta- Beta-blockers Remain Preparations Of Selection In The Treatment Of The Cardiovascular Diseases

V.I. Makolkin

In spite of criticism, beta- beta-blockers remain preparations of selection in the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases
The problems associated with the use of beta-blockers (BAB) in essential arterial hypertension (AH) are discussed; in particular, we consider the possibility of using these drugs in patients with multiple metabolic risk factors, including metabolic syndrome and its components. It is emphasized that high cardioselektive BAB, such as bisoprolol, have no negative adverse effects of first generation BAB and can be widely used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension. The results of numerous clinical studies confirming the high antihypertensive efficacy of bisoprolol and its favorable safety profile, including patients with carbohydrate metabolism disorders and broncho-obstructive pathology.

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