Bronchobos (carbocisteine): Possibilities Of Clinical Use In The Diseases Of Paranasal Sinuses And Middle Ear

T.G. Pavlova

Bronchobos (carbocisteine): possibilities of clinical use in the diseases of paranasal sinuses and middle ear
Bronchobos (carbocisteine) has both mucolytic and mucoregulator effects. The mechanism of carbocisteine action is associated with activation of sialic transferase - enzyme of goblet cells of the bronchial mucus membrane, forming the composition of bronchial secretion. Carbocisteine cause mucosal regeneration, restoration of its structure, normalization of the number of goblet cells, and reduction of mucus hypersecretion consequently. In addition, mucociliar clearance and specific protection are improved. Carbocisteine have impact on all parties of respiratory tract (upper and lower), involved in the pathological process, as well as paranasal sinuses, Eustachian tubes, middle ear cavity. Addition of Bronhobos in the treatment regimen in patients with paranasal sinuses and middle ear diseases lead to dynamic improvement of all clinical parameters, and significant reduction of the duration of treatment.

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