Clinical Efficacy, Tolerance And Safety Of Nimesulide. Does The Problem Of Its Hepatotoxicity Exist?

L.Yu. Ilchenko

Clinical efficacy, tolerance and safety of nimesulide. Does the problem of its hepatotoxicity exist?
We discuss the clinical aspects of pain syndrome and its correction with antipyretic analgesics by the example of inhibitor of cyclooxygenase-2 - drug nimesulide. The characteristic of nimesulide, its therapeutic efficacy, tolerability and safety examination are presented. We discuss the problem of drug hepatotoxicity and analyze the main mechanisms resulting to the development of hepatopathy. The nimesulide administration require taking into account the presence of liver disease in patients, manifestations of drug hepatopathy in history, as well as carefully monitoring even the smallest clinical laboratory deviations associated with drug therapy. Hepatotoxicity of nimesulide is not a real threat to patient’s safety.

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