Stress Ulcers: Prophylaxis And Treatment

E.P. Yakovenko, A.L. Levchuk, A.V. Yakovenko, N.A. Agafonova, A.N. Ivanov, B.I. Obuchovskiy, A.S. Pryanishnikova, I.P. Soluyanova, Yu.V. Illarionova

Stress ulcers: prophylaxis and treatment
Stress ulcers (SU) are the problem of serious patients treated in intensive care unit. The key pathogenic mechanisms of SU are the blood flow reduction in the gastric mucosa and acidopeptic aggression. The authors prefer proton pump inhibitors with low drug interactions level, lack of cumulative effect and the availability of dosage forms for parenteral and oral administration in the prevention and treatment of SU. In particular, the drug pantoprazole (Controloc) has these properties. Prevention of stress erosive and ulcerative lesions includes intravenous Conroloc administration with subsequent transition to oral drug administration. Prophylactic treatment reduces the incidence of SU and bleeding, improves the survival rate of serious patients.

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