Cardio-vascular Diseases In Post-menopause (problems And Ways Of Their Solution)

A.A. Kirichenko

Cardio-vascular diseases in post-menopause (problems and ways of their solution)
The problem of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in postmenopausal women is discussed. We consider the pathogenesis of CVD secondary to the decrease of content of sex hormones in this period, as well as the prevention and correction of these disturbances. We emphasize the role of hormone replacement therapy and particularities of its effective application, the significance of use of psychotropics, antidepressants especially, and antihypertensive drugs (ACE inhibitors, ?-adrenergic blockers, thiazide diuretics). Physicians must take into account the existing functional and organic changes that occur in a woman's body in perimenopausal period as well as the full range of therapeutic effects of drugs in choice of therapeutic and preventive measures.

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