A.V. Novik

N.N. Petrov National Medical Research Center of Oncology, St. Petersburg, Russia
Currently, immunotherapy is the most promising method of treating malignant tumors. This review considers the main principles of its action: universality, inertia, dualism, and the complexity of directed action. The original classification of immunotherapy methods according to the mechanism of their action is presented, which allows better understanding the features of individual methods of treatment. Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of immunotherapeutic agents and immuno-mediated adverse events are discussed in detail. Understanding and using the principles of immunotherapy discussed in the article will allow to optimize the use of immuno-oncological drugs and to maximally protect the patient from possible adverse events associated with their use.

About the Autors

Corresponding author: A.V. Novik – PhD, Senior Researcher at the Division of Oncoimmunology, Physician at the Department of Chemotherapy and Innovative Technologies N.N. Petrov NMRC; Associate Professor at the Department of Oncology, Children’s Oncology and Radiation Therapy SPbSPU of RMH, St. Petersburg, Russia; e-mail:, ORCID:

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