N.Yu. Karpova (1), M.A.Rashid (2), T.V. Kazakova (1), M.E. Yadrov (2)

(1) Department of Faculty Therapy n.a. A.I. Nesterov of the SBEI HPE RNSMU n.a. N.I. Pirogov of RMH, Moscow; (2) SBHCI "Clinical Oncological Dispensary № 1" of the Moscow Healthcare Department (Branch № 1)
The article is devoted to a relevant topic - the relationship of calcium and bone metabolism under normal and pathological conditions. The complexity and correlation of these processes is shown. The cellular and molecular characteristics of calcium metabolism in the serum and bone tissue are discussed in detail. The article presents the modern views on the primary, secondary and contributing factors influencing the calcium metabolism. Physiological role of calcium in the human body in general and particularly in bone metabolism is clarified. The characteristic features of bone metabolism from the perspective of of cell pool, morphological types of bone tissue and their functional consistency are considered. The clinical significance of hypercalcemia is emphasized in view of the emergence of new cancer markers and subclinical inflammation markers. The role of calcium supplements in the treatment of osteoporosis from the standpoint of evidence-based medicine recommendations is discussed.

About the Autors

M.A. Rashid – PhD, physician at the SBHCI «Clinical Oncological Dispensary № 1» of the Moscow Healthcare Department (Branch № 1); e-mail:

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