S.V. Shalaev (1, 2), L.V. Kremneva (3), O.V. Abaturova (1)

(1) SBEI HPE "Tyumen State Medical University" of RMPH, Tyumen; (2) Regional Cardiological Dispensary SBHCI of the Tyumen region "Regional Clinical Hospital № 1", Tyumen; (3) State Autonomous Healthcare Institution of the Tyumen Region "Research and Practical Medical Center", Tyumen
Cardiovascular diseases occupy a leading position in the structure of adult mortality in the Russian Federation. Chronic heart failure (CHF) is the outcome of many cardiovascular diseases. The basis of the treatment of patients with chronic heart failure includes β-adrenoblockers. Nebivolol is one of the representatives of this group recommended for the treatment of patients with CHF. Treatment with nebivolol leads to the significant reduction in the combined risk of death and hospitalization for cardiovascular disease. In patients with ischemic etiology of CHF, nebivolol significantly reduces the incidence of acute ischemic complications.


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About the Autors

S.V. Shalaev – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Prof., Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Head of the Regional Cardiological Dispensary SBHCI of the Tyumen region "Regional Clinical Hospital № 1", Head of the Department of Cardiology with the course of First Medical Aid SBEI HPE "Tyumen State Medical University" of RMPH, Tyumen
O.V. Abaturova- Doctor of Medical Sciences, Prof. at the Department of Cardiology with the course of First Medical Aid SBEI HPE "Tyumen State Medical University" of RMPH, Tyumen, e-mail:
L.V. Kremneva- Doctor of Medical Sciences, Leading Researcher at the SAHCI of the Tyumen Region "Research and Practice Medical Center", Tyumen

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