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G.D. Tarasova
Modern Trends Of Therapy Of Upper Respiratory Tract Diseases
№18 / 2011
P.L. Shcherbakov, O.B. Janova, N.L. Belousova, A.A. Masharova, M.Yu. Shcherbakova, L.S. Goncharenko, L.D. Firsova, V.A. Kim, V.S. Kashnikov, V.M. Govorun
Use Of Enterofuril Suspension In The Treatment Of Diseases Associated With Helicobacteriosis
№12 / 2011
I.V. Maev. A.A. Samsonov, N.N. Golubev
Clarithromycin As Inherent Component Of Anti-helicobacter Therapy
№6 / 2009

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