Characteristics Of External Therapy Of Athopic Dermatitis

D. Sh. Macharadze

Today proved the important role of hydration of the skin and applying emollient/moisturizer in the acute and chronic phases of atopic dermatitis (AtD). In particular, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, which include topical corticosteroids (TGKS) and topical calcineurin inhibitors are recommended only after proper skin care: cleansing and hydration of the skin with moisturizers/emollients. Described in the literature are cases of equivalent effectiveness of moisturizers and TGKS for patients with AtD. In general, skin hydration and moisturizing agents greatly increase the effectiveness of the treatment AtD and quality of life of these patients. In addition, wetting agents have a unique protective effect even before the severe symptoms of acute illness, and dramatically reduce the amount of medication. At the same time supporting basic therapy does not replace drugs with anti-inflammatory action (TGKS, topical calcineurin inhibitors).

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