Modern Approaches To Comprehensive Assessment Of Nonspecific Immunological Resistance In Acute Respiratory Disease In Children

Gorelov A.V., Ploskireva A.A., Litvinchuk O.A., Usenko D.V.

In recent years, variety of immunomodulatory drugs is widely used in the treatment of infectious diseases in children. Insufficient knowledge about drug-induced non-specific immune reactions, lack of determined indications provide the need to development of modern approaches to evaluation of effect of immunotropic drugs on adaptive processes. This is especially important in children in the case of acute infectious disease that is accompanied by not only endogenous intoxication, but immunity disadaptation condition. The authors have conducted multidisciplinary study of adaptogenic properties of metabolic prebiotic Hilak forte in acute respiratory infections (ARI) in children and evaluated its clinical, microbiological efficacy, and ability to modify non-specific resistance of the organism. The data represents the advisability of use of Hilak forte in the complex treatment of acute respiratory disease in children, as a means providing an adaptive effect and recovery of gastrointestinal microbiota.

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