Modern Method Of Preventive Maintenance Of Allergic And Acute Respiratory Diseases At Children

N.A.Geppe, M.N.Snegotskaya, N.G.Kolosova, I.M.Farber, O.Yu.Konopelko

The article is dedicated to the results of two studies of use of microcellulose powder (Nasaval) and microcellulose with moly extract (Nasaval Plus). The results represent a modern trend in prevention of contact of allergens and viruses with nasal mucosa by creation on its surface gelatinoid substance. Administration of drug Nasaval before expected allergic reaction allows to reduce clinical implications of allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthmatic attack without additional treatment. Use of a drug Nasaval Plus for the purpose of prophylaxis significantly prevents occurrence of droplet infections and reinfection. Use of Nasaval Plus in the treatment of active acute respiratory viral infection promotes reduction of duration and severity of disease.

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