Neurodiclovit: Potential Use In Patients With Dorsalgia

P.Kamchatnov, A.Boyko, T.Batysheva, E.Kostenko, E.Pivivarchik, P.Ganghula, A.Ismailov, L.Lisinker, A.Khozova, O.Otcheskaya

Clinic of rehabilitation treatment № 7 UZ CAO, Moscow. Department of neurology and neurosurgery of the Russian state medical University, Moscow. Department of neurology University, Moscow. District neurological Department of ULTRASONIC JSC Moscow.
The article presented the results of clinical study aimed to examination of clinical efficacy, tolerability and safety of Neurodiclovit (diclofenac + B group vitamins) in an outpatient neurology practice in 60 patients with acute pain syndrome secondary to herniation of intervertebral disk. It is shown that Neurodiclovit is effective and safe drug for patients with acute pain syndrome, caused by degenerative and inflammatory lesions of the spine. Diclofenac only was surpassing Neurodiclovit for efficacy, safety and tolerability.

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