Efficaсy of Heptral® in treatment of hepatotoxicity, induced by chemotherapy

Snegovoi A.V., Manzuk L.V.

Russian oncological scientific center named. N.N. Blokhina RAMN, Moscow
In 19 patients with different malignant tumors evaluated the efficacy of the drug Heptral® (ademetionine) in the treatment of hepatotoxicity chemotherapy. It is shown that at 4-week reception due to treatment with Heptral® inside of 400 mg 2 times daily transaminaz level dropped to normal in 10 out of 12 patients with the 1st degree of hepatotoxicity. For normalization of the level of transaminases with 2nd degree hepatotoxicity it took longer receive due to treatment with Heptral® (from 2 to 4 months). Chemotherapy regimen during geptrala use® not changed.

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