Mexidol In The Rehabilitation Of Elderly Patients Survived After Ischemic Stroke

Kuznecova S.M., Kuznecov V.V., Urchenko F.V.

Mexidol in the rehabilitation of elderly patients survived after ischemic stroke
The effect of antihypoxant and antioxidant Mexidol on clinical neurological, biochemical parameters and cerebral hemodynamic in 20 elderly patients for recovery phase of ischemic stroke is evaluated. We used Meksidol in dose of 4 ml (200 mg) per 100 ml of saline intravenously once daily (7 days), then 2 tablets bis in day (15 days). Meksidol administration leads to sense of well-being, memory and mnestical function improvement, reduction of depression level. We noted social activity range extension, spasticity reduction, cerebral circulation improvement and activation of relationship between the hemodynamics in extra- and intracranial vessels in the carotid circulation in patients. This goes to prove the activation of metabolic processes in the brain.

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