Evaluation Of The Beta-adrenoblocker Atenolol Efficacy In Patients With Arterial Hypertension Depending On Renin-aldosterone Blood Profile

Sh.V. Achadov, G.R. Ruzbanova, G.S. Molchanova

Evaluation of the beta-adrenoblocker atenolol efficacy in patients with arterial hypertension depending on renin-aldosterone blood profile
Efficacy of ?-adrenoblocker atenolol use in mono- and combination therapy in patients with arterial hypertension (AH), distributed on the blood renin-aldosterone profile is evaluated. The study enrolled 656 patients with essential hypertension. Plasma renin activity (PRA; normal – 1.0-3.0 ng/ml/h) and aldosterone plasma concentration (APC; normal – 0.18-0.83 nmol/L or 5-23 ng/dL) were identified by radioimmunoassay technique. The PRA/APC ratio amount 5-23 is allowable. It is concluded that atenolol in monotherapy or in combination with nifedipine retard, enalapril and losartan has a pronounced hypotensive effect, leads to a normalization of all parameters of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, regardless of the initial activity sympathoadrenal system in patients with PRA > 3.0 ng/ml/h. In the event of PRA ? 3.0 ng/ml/h, atenolol administration is effectually in combination with enalapril or losartan in the case of the initial high activity of sympathoadrenal system.

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