Relief Of Acute Pain Syndrome In The Patient With Spondylogenic Dorsalgia

P.R. Kamchatnov, B.B. Radish, A.V. Chugunov, A.V. Kutenev

Relief of acute pain syndrome in the patient with spondylogenic dorsalgia
Dorsalgia (particularly, lumbalgia) is a serious medical problem with involvement of significant economic losses. We consider the possibility of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) ketorolac administration, which is widely used in several countries for the relief of acute pain caused by various pathological conditions, in treatment of dorsalgia. According to numerous studies, ketorolac is an effective and sufficient safety drug for the treatment of acute lower dorsalgia. At least, it equal to other NSAIDs, in some cases surpassing their efficacy and tolerability. Comparable analgesic effect of ketorolac with opioids in the absence of many undesirable effects of the latter is also showed.

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