Prospects For The Use Of The Drug Formulation Depakine Chronosphere

P.N. Vlasov, N.V. Filatova, G.R. Drojjina

Prospects for the use of the drug formulation Depakine Chronosphere
In clinical practice ideal antiepileptic drug (AED) must provide the concentration persistence in blood with a minimum number of intakes as well as such well-known characteristics, as high efficiency, wide spectrum of antiepileptic effects and high tolerability. High efficacy Depakine enteric and Depakin chrono (valproic acid preparations) is well known. New form of valproic acid medication Depakine Chronosphere combines the properties of Depakine chrono with best usability that significantly increases patient’s treatment compliance. Easy dosage and treatment with Depakine Chronosphere makes it particularly prospective drug in the therapy of epilepsy, especially in children and elderly patients, i.e. patients requiring close control over regularity of receiving AED, because the efficacy of therapy depends on adherence to treatment.

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