Efficacy Of Ganaton (itopride Hydrochloride) Use In The Treatment Of Patients With Functional Dyspepsia

S.Yu. Konanychina, O.A. Serduk, I.I. Stepanova, M.L. Kastorina

Efficacy of Ganaton (itopride hydrochloride) use in the treatment of patients with functional dyspepsia
We assessed the Ganaton (itopride hydrochloride) efficacy in the treatment of 509 patients with functional dyspepsia (FD). We estimated the symptoms severity according to a points system. It noted the frequent combination of PD with heartburn, nausea, bloating, and bowel function disorders. Ganaton administration at a dose of 150 mg daily for 4 weeks contributed to the complete disappearance of complaints in 46.6% of patients and significant decrease in its severity in 47.8% of patients. The drug administration was well tolerated; serious side effects were not observed.

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