Role Of Sotalol In The Treatment Of Heart Rhythm Disturbances: Modern Approaches

V.A. Sulimov, D.A. Napalkov

Role of sotalol in the treatment of heart rhythm disturbances: modern approaches
Sotalol is a mixture of sinistrorotatory (has the properties of beta-blocker, increases the duration of the action potential of cardiomyocytes) and dextrorotatory (characterized by the properties of class III antiarrhythmics) stereoisomers. Several studies showed sotalol efficacy for reduction of atrial fibrillation and maintenance of sinus rhythm, comparable to amiodarone. In long-term monitoring, sotalol is less effective than amiodarone, but has a better safety profile. In addition, sotalol and amiodarone are major antiarrhythmics applied for the secondary prevention of sudden cardiac death.

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