Isoprinosine Use For The Prophylaxis Of Recurrent Respiratory Infections In Frequently Ill Children

T.P. Markova

Isoprinosine use for the prophylaxis of recurrent respiratory infections in frequently ill children
The results of the immunostimulator Izoprinozin (inosine pranobeks) administration to prevent ARI in sickly children with concomitant chronic oro- and nasopharynx diseases (SC-CD) with the frequency of acute respiratory infections (ARI) 6 or more times per year are presented. The main and control group included 30 and 50 patients respectively. Application Izoprinozin in the complex treatment after sanation of chronic nidus of oro- and nasopharynx infection increased the efficacy of ARI prevention in SC-CD on 50%, reduced the incidence of ARI episodes in 3.0 times and the frequency of exacerbations of recurrent bronchitis in 2.3, and chronic pharyngitis - in 2.5 times, reduced the demand for antibiotics, the frequency of clinical manifestations of herpetic infection compared with the control group.

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