Use Of Probiotic Products In The Correction Of Moderate Disturbances Of Digestion

A.I. Parfenov, D.V. Usenko, S.I. Prilepskaya

Use of probiotic products in the correction of moderate disturbances of digestion
The results of a multicenter descriptive study aiming to assess the effect of fermented milk product Activia containing probiotic Bifidobacterium ActiRegularis strain (not less than 108 CFU/ml) on the severity of dyspeptic symptoms in patients with mild digestive disorders are presented. The results indicate that daily consumption of 1 cup of fermented milk probiotic product Activia for 14 days has a positive effect on the function of the gastrointestinal tract in patients with mild digestive disturbances, provides a reduction of the frequency of gastrointestinal symptoms (feeling of weight and stomach ache after eating, bloating, constipation, a need for strong straining effort and a feeling of incomplete evacuation after defecation, hard stool consistency) by more than 2 times, as well as their intensity.

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