Cervix Preparation To The Programmed Labor In Women With High Perinatal Risk

V.E. Radzinsky, I.M. Ordiyants, I.F. Fatkullin, M.B. Chamoshina

Cervix preparation to the programmed labor in women with high perinatal risk
Programmed delivery in women with high perinatal risk is reliable way to reduce the risk of perinatal complications. However, the unwillingness of the cervix is a major predictor of future anomalies of uterine activity. It can be overcome in various ways, but in comparison with known methods (the introduction of laminaria sticks, the use of prostaglandin gel) Mifepristone administration is the most effective. Lack of effect of Mifepristone administration should be considered as an additional risk factor for adverse pregnancy and delivery outcomes. In this connection it is necessary to promptly resolve the issue of abdominal delivery.

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