Cases of intracerebral hemorrhage in full-term neonates (incidental findings)


S.Yu. Cherdantseva (1), E.S. Akarachkova (2), O.M. Danilina (1), N.E. Novikova (3), D.I. Lebedeva (4), Yu.E. Cherdantseva (5), A.S. Orlova (5)

1) Altai Regional Clinical Perinatal Center, Barnaul, Russia; 2) International Society for the Study and Effective Control of the Stress and Related Disorders, Moscow, Russia; 3) European Medical Center, Moscow, Russia; 4) Tyumen State Medical University, Tyumen, Russia; 5) Sechenov First Moscow State University (Sechenov University), Moscow, Russia

Background. Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) in neonates is considered a serious pathology, which leads to serious neurological consequences. ICHs develop in preterm neonates more often, than in full-term neonates; but rare ICH in full-term neonates may not have clinical manifestations and may be an incidental finding.
Description of the clinical case. The article presents 3 clinical cases and analyzes the consequences of asymptomatic ICH in full-term neonates. In the given clinical examples, all neonates were born full-term with good Apgar score and no signs of brain dysfunction. Screening neurosonography was carried out routinely on days 2–5 after birth and revealed the presence of ICH of various localization. The traumatic genesis of hemorrhage was excluded in all cases presented. A detailed analysis of the medical history revealed viral infection during pregnancy in all cases (2 – acute respiratory viral infection in the I and II – III trimesters, and 1 – chickenpox in the III trimester). Despite the fact that at birth the neurological status of these neonates showed slight changes (a moderate decrease in muscle tone and reflexes), later signs of pyramidal insufficiency and delayed speech development (moderate severity) still formed.
Conclusion. It is concluded that some ICHs in full-term neonates may be asymptomatic, and for early and timely diagnosis it is recommended to perform a neurosonography in full-term neonates whose mothers had various viral infections during pregnancy.

For citations: Cherdantseva S.Yu., Akarachkova E.S., Danilina O.M., Novikova N.E., Lebedeva D.I., Cherdantseva Yu.E., Orlova A.S. Cases of intracerebral hemorrhage in full-term neonates (incidental findings). Farmateka. 2019;26(10):97–103. (in Russian). DOI: 

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Corresponding author: Alexandra S. Orlova, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Human Pathology, Sechenov First Moscow State University (Sechenov University), Moscow, Russia; e-mail:
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