G.R. Batpenova, S.T. Abdrakhmanova, A.S. Abdrakhmanova, N.O. Tsoy, A.A. Aymoldina

JSC “Astana Medical University”, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan
To date, the most common viral infection of the genital tract is the human papillomavirus (HPV); its 13 types possess high oncogenic risk. Despite the fact that HPV-6 and HPV-11 are classified as viruses with low oncogenic risk, they can cause severe damage up premalignant and malignant neoplasms of anogenital localization. Authors presents their own clinical observation of the giant condyloma Buschke-Levenshtein in a 31-year-old man with a burdened history of lymphangitis, lymphedema of the upper and lower limbs and lymphadenopathy, which for several years made it difficult to conduct destructive surgical treatment. The patient underwent extensive surgery with total excision of giant condyloma followed by administration of imiquimod 5% cream after complete postoperative recovery of the skin.
Keywords: human papillomavirus, genital warts, condyloma Buske-Levenshtein, genital tumors, warty carcinoma, clinical case

About the Autors

Corresponding author: N.O. Tsoy – PhD, Teaching Assistant at the Department of Dermatovenereology JSC «Astana Medical University», Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan; e-mail:

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