I.G. Bakulin (1), D.T. Abdurakhmanov (2, 3), N.V. Shalikiani (1), A.V. Polukhina (1), Yu.A. Matveeva (1), E.I. Sidorova (3), T.P. Rozina (2), E.N. Nikulkina (2)

(1) SBHCI "Moscow Clinical Research Center" of Moscow Healthcare Department; (2) SBEI HPE "First MSMU n.a.I.M.Sechenov" of RMPH, Moscow; (3) MSU n.a. M.I. Lomonosov, Moscow
The article presents theresults of studies of combination therapy using antiviral drugs with direct action as follows: daklatasvir 60 mg 1 time a day plus asunaprevir 100 mg twice a day for 24 weeks with the participation of 29 cirrhotic patients with 1b HCV genotype. It was shown that the use of interferon-free combination asunaprevir + daklatasvir allows to consider it as a safe and effective scheme of choice in patients with HCV-associated liver cirrhosis.


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About the Autors

I.G. Bakulin – Doctor of Medical Scineces, Prof., Head of the Department of Hepatology SBHCI "Moscow Clinical Research and Practical Center " of Moscow Healthcare Department; Head of the Medical Institute of Postgraduate Education of Physicians MSUFD, Moscow; e-mail: igbakulin@yandex.ru

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