Use Of The Drug Nexavar (sorafenib) For The Treatment Of Hepatocellular Cancer

I.S. Bazin

Use of the drug Nexavar (sorafenib) for the treatment of hepatocellular cancer
Primary liver cancer (PLC) in the structure of cancer incidence is on the 6th place among all registered cases of cancer, and in the structure of cancer deaths is on the 3rd place. About 90% of the PLC are the hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Treatment of generalized HCC by traditional methods is inefficient. Current therapy of HCC involves the use of so-called targeted drugs, in particular, sorafenib (Nexavar). It is found that the use of sorafenib in HCC leads to lengthening of life expectancy in patients (average per 3 months), despite the low objective effect (2.2-3.3%). An important practical aspect is the control of toxic phenomena caused by sorafenib. Prevention and adequate treatment of toxic effects allow administering therapy without losing effectiveness.

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