Use Of Tamsulosin (sonizin) In The Treatment Of Chronic Abacterial Prostatitis

S.B. Petrov, A.G. Kotchetov, V.D. korol, A.G. Parshin, R.V. Novikov

Use of tamsulosin (Sonizin) in the treatment of chronic abacterial prostatitis
The results of treatment of 49 men with chronic abacterial prostatitis are presented. In the first (study) group were included 30 men from the first day of treatment received tamsulosin (Sonizin®) in a dosage of 4 mg daily during the month. The second (control) group included 19 patients who did not receive ?-adrenoblockers. Patients in both groups have received standard treatment of pancreatitis. Excellent and good results of treatment were observed in 92.6% of patients from the study group in comparison with 66.4% of patients from control group. In the study group also noted a more pronounced decrease in the amount of symptoms. It was concluded that tamsulosin can be recommended for widespread use in the treatment of chronic abacterial prostatitis, and it is the first-line drug for patients with dominated dysuric disorders.

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