Diagnostics And Treatment Of Dizziness

S.V. Morozova

Diagnostics and treatment of dizziness
Dizziness is an important interdisciplinary medical-social problem, the solution of which is aimed at improvement of pre-existing methods of diagnosis and treatment and development of new approaches of diagnosis and treatment. Severity of clinical symptoms, urgent state in patient during dizzy spell requires a doctor's good knowledge of the algorithm of diagnosis and medical care plan. The article describes basic disease, accompanied by dizziness, provides informative differential diagnostic criteria, recommendations for their practical application. The results of studies which support the usefulness of the drug Vazobral for dizziness caused by cochlear-vestibular angiogenic disorders are presented. The paper discusses Vazobral efficacy in patients of older age groups, and in the climacterical period. Modern view of the main treatment and rehabilitation and preventive measures for dizziness is presented.

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