Influence Of Combined Therapy With Lisinopril And Simvastatin On Elastic Properties Of Large Arteries In Patients With Arterial Hypertension And Moderate Hyperlipidemia

A.G. Plisyuk, B.D. Kulev, O.A. Azizova, A.G. Ovchinnikov, T.V. Fofanova, F.T. Ageev

Influence of combined therapy with lisinopril and simvastatin on elastic properties of large arteries in patients with arterial hypertension and moderate hyperlipidemia
The results of a multicenter open-label randomized study for assessment of efficacy of combination therapy with lizinopril (ACE inhibitor) and simvastatin (statin) compared with monotherapy with lizinopril in 130 men and women aged 40-80 years with arterial hypertension I-III degree and moderate hyperlipidemia are presented. It is shown that both treatment regimens have similar antihypertensive effects, but against the background of combination therapy we observed summation of angioprotective effects of each drug which appears by more pronounced restoration of vascular endothelium functional properties and reduction of vascular wall rigidity compared with the monotherapy with lizinopril. Synergism of angioprotective action of drugs is linked to increased anti-inflammatory effects and is based on the difference in the mechanisms of oxidative effects: ACE inhibitor lisinopril stimulates the protective antioxidant enzymes production, and simvastatin reduces the severity of oxidative stress.

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