Primary Chronic Daily Head Ache

T.G. Voznesenskaya

Primary chronic daily head ache
The problem of chronic daily head aches (HDHA), which include various forms of headaches (HA) arising no less than 15 times a month, is discussed. The focus is on primary HA. The data for the epidemiology, classification of primary HDHA are presented; author describes the characteristics of clinical presentation, comorbid conditions, and risk factors for HA "chronification". The concepts of chronic and transformed migraine are discussed. The need for differentiation of primary and secondary HDHA is highlighted; alarming symptoms allowing to suspect the symptomatic chronic HA, are presented. The particular role of depression in HA "chronification" is emphasized in discussion of therapeutic approach. The author discusses the principles of choice of antidepressants, which occupy one of the leading positions in the treatment of HDHA.

Бионика Медиа