Main Principles Of The Treatment And Prophylaxis Of Dementias

I.V. Dorovskih

Main principles of the treatment and prophylaxis of dementias
Treatment of dementia includes actual etiopathogeneticaly-oriented therapy, symptomatic treatment of associated psychiatric disorders, and medical and psychological rehabilitation. The successful experience of optimization of Alzheimer-type dementia treatment using the integrated pathogenetically-oriented intensive therapy, which included Cerebrolysin, Actovegin, Gliatilin, Instenon, Akatinol, and Memantine, is presented. The article discusses the current opportunities of prevention of dementia. It is emphasized that only a comprehensive, etiopathogeneticaly-oriented approach to therapy and prevention of dementia can improve the quality and life expectancy in patients with this disease, and alleviate the financial and social burden for the patient’s relatives of and society as a whole.

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