Nimesulide: Issues Of Safety And Possibility Of Prolonged Use

A.E. Karateev

Nimesulide: issues of safety and possibility of prolonged use
Chronic pain, including in rheumatic diseases, has a strong negative effect on quality of life of patients, and leads to disability and social activity loss. We consider the place of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including nimesulide, in the treatment of chronic pain syndrome in patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. WE discussed in detail the nimesulide safety in comparison with other NSAIDs. It is concluded that nimesulide is the drug with a beneficial combination of powerful analgesic, anti-inflammatory action and good tolerability. Clinical research and experience of this drug administration in actual clinical practice shows that the risk of side effects under pressure of prolonged use of nimesulide summary lower than under pressure of therapy with traditional (non-selective) NSAIDs. Therefore, nimesulide is a drug of choice in the treatment of CP associated with joint and vertebral diseases.

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