Sehydrin as a drug of accompanying therapy to improve the quality of life and reduce chronic pain in cancer patients of palliative profile


G.R. Abuzarova (1), G.S. Alekseeva (2), R.R. Sarmanayeva (1), S.E. Lapina (1)

1 P.A. Herzen Moscow Scientific Research Oncological Institute – branch of the FSBI “NMRC for Radiology“ of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia; 2 FSBI “NMRC for Radiology “ of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia
Background. At the stage of generalization of the tumor process, oncological patients need accompanying therapy, which, along with improving the quality of life, helps to reduce pain. These qualities, important for palliative therapy, are possessed by the domestic preparation hydrazine sulfate (HS), which has been used in our country for more than 20 years.
Objective. Evaluation of the effect of long-term use of HS (Sehydrin) on the quality of life, severity of pain and the need for opioid analgesics for cancer patients receiving palliative care.
Methods. The study was conducted in two research centers, and included 60 patients with malignant neoplasms (stage 3-4) with the presence of pain. HS was administered at a dose of 120-180 mg/day. The first course lasted for 28 days, followed by a break of 14 days, and the the second course of therapy was carried out for 28 days.
Results. It has been established that the course treatment with HS contributes to increasing the effectiveness of anesthetic therapy for oncological palliative patients, and also at a certain stage reduces the need for tramadol in 51% of patients, improves certain indicators of quality of life, which is confirmed by positive evaluations of treatment satisfaction in 72% of patients.
Conclusion. The best results with the use of HS (Sehydrin) were observed in patients who received small doses of opioids and lead a relatively active lifestyle.
Keywords: malignant neoplasms, hydrazine sulfate, Sehydrin, pain syndrome, quality of life

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Corresponding author: Guzel R. Abuzarova, MD, Head of the Center for Palliative Care for Oncological Patients, P.A. Herzen MSROI – branch of the Federal Research Center for Radiology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia; e-mail:;
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