DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.18565/pharmateca.2018.s1.44-46

O.O. Melnichenko (1), О.R. Babayev (1), V.V. Shakhzadov (1), I.M. Korsunskaya (2)

1) MSPCCD of Moscow Healthcare Department, Moscow, Russia; 2) CCP PCP RAS, Moscow, Russia
In order to evaluate the efficacy of clarithromycin in the therapy of urogenital chlamydiosis, 39 male patients were examined. In 26 of them, chlamydiosis occurred in acute form, in 13 men, a chronic course with duration of up to 2.6 years was diagnosed. Patients were assigned to receive clarithromycin at a dose of 500 mg twice a day for 10 days. 4 weeks after the end of treatment, the control of cure was carried out by PCR; and the eradication of the pathogen was noted in all patients. The results obtained make it possible to recommend clarithromycin as an effective treatment for chronic urogenital chlamydiosis. The immunomodulating properties of clarithromycin, proven in a number of studies, allow to reduce the dose of immunomodulating drugs or exclude them from the treatment regimen, which in turn makes it possible to increase the compliance with therapy by reducing the cost of treatment and the number of drugs used.
Keywords: chlamydiosis, eradication, clarithromycin, resistance

About the Autors

Corresponding author: I.M. Korsunskaya – MD, Prof., Head of the Laboratory CCP PCP RAS, Moscow, Russia; e-mail: marykor@bk.ru

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