L.N. Kostyuchenko

Moscow Clinical Scientific Center, Moscow, Russia
The purpose of the work is to highlight the notion of personalized nutritiology, to present an individualized approach to the correction of nutritional disorders and the selection of programs for the treatment of diseases using nutrients, and to give a brief overview – timeline of the main events in nutritional science. The literature data, as well as the results of authors’ own observations on nutritional status assessment, the role of microbiota in the personalization of nutritional support, the principles of creating individualized programs for the correction of metabolic disorders were used in the work. Characterization of nutritional insufficiency was carried out in accordance with known alimentary-volemic parameters. Personalized nutritional science is a new scientific area with two main strategic directions: industrial-technological and medical-technological. At present, there are already some programs of personalized alimentation for correction of metabolic disorders in various diseases, and prospects for creating new medical technologies and technologies for creating corrective food products are designed.
Keywords: precision medicine, new nutritional support methodologies, omic sciences, nutrients, microbiota, alimentary-volemic diagnosis

About the Autors

Corresponding author: L.N. Kostyuchenko – MD, Prof., Acad of RANH, Head of the Department of Nutritiology of the Moscow Clinical Scientific Center, Moscow, Russia; e-mail:

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