L.V. Romasenko (1), V.M. Makhov (2), I.M. Parkhomenko (1), T.V. Turko (2), L.N. Ugryumova (2)

(1) FSBI "Federal Medical Research Center of Psychiatry and Narcology n.a. V.P. Serbsky" of RMH, Moscow; (2) SBEI HPE "First Moscow State Medical University n.a. I.V. Sechenov" of RMH, Moscow
In gastroenterological practice, actual psychosomatic disorders (36% of hospital patients in need of psychiatric counseling) can be differentiated as: a) somatogenic and psychogenic mental disorders on the background of current gastroenterological diseases (37%); b) somatized mental disorders (47%); c) psychiatric disorders, comorbid to somatic diseases (16%). Long-term experience confirms the effectiveness of interdisciplinary collaboration of gastroenterologists and psychiatrists, allowing to exhaustively assess the condition of the patient, justify the optimal treatment tactics depending on the specificity of psychosomatic relations in the individual clinical manifestation of the disease.

About the Autors

L.V. Romasenko – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Prof., Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Psychosomatic Disorders FSBI FMRCPN n.a. V.P. Serbsky of RMH, Moscow; e-mail:

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