Yu.E. Azimova (1,2)

(1) SBEI HPE First MSMU n.a. I.M. Sechenov of RMPH, Moscow; (2) University Headache Clinic, Moscow
Polyneuropathy is the most common form of neuropathy in diabetes mellitus. Management of patients with diabetic polyneuropathy includes glycemic control and other metabolic disorders, correction of risk factors, pathogenetic therapy aimed at slowing the progression of diabetic polyneuropathy, and symptomatic treatment of pain. One of the well-known means of pathogenetic therapy is α- lipoic acid; its effectiveness has been proven by several controlled trials and meta-analyzes. Safety of α- lipoic acid allows widely use of this drug in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy.

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Yu.E. Azimova – PhD in Medical Sciences, researcher at the Department of Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology SRC SBEI HPE First MSMU n.a. IM Sechenov of RMPH; e-mail: azimova.j@mail.ru

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